Debian amd64 EFI test CD, build 2

Last updated: 24th November 2012

These images have been superseded - since the Wheezy d-i beta 3 release, amd64 CD images have all been made including EFI support. If you have any problems, please try official release / beta images instead - I'm now much more interested in finding and fixing bugs in those.

What's here?

This is a second build of a netinst CD with experimental EFI support included. This image should boot and work in EFI mode on a recent amd64 (x86_64) machine, doing the following steps differently:

This CD image is a test build, made using some experimental test code in debian-cd (SVN branch here) and some tweaked packages in debian-installer. Diffs coming soon to debian-boot, full source and binary packages in the bits directory here.

Known issues and changes since test 1

This is an experimental build, so bugs and mistakes are quite likely! Nonetheless, in my own testing (in a VM using OVMF, and on a recent desktop machine) it seems to work ok. Here's a list of the known issues and limitations that have been found:

If you have EFI hardware, please try this image and let me know how you get on, via the debian-cd and debian-boot mailing lists.

Steve McIntyre

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